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Baby Napkins 2 pieces 

Sustainable and re-usable quality napkins for babies and toddlers is a nice way to reduce your family’s use of nature’s limited resources. No need for disposable paper napkins. The vintage linen-look of these napkins combines softness with a characteristic texture in the cotton material. The cute design details are fun for children, and decorative hemstitches give them a hint of luxury and sophistication. The understated colours make the napkins easy to match with any table setting. Combine them with our napkin rings for a stunning effect on those truly special occasions. And why not put the child’s name on them with embroidery? That way you get an adorable gift to someone special.


A sustainable alternative

A low-waste alternative to paper napkins, for everyday use and special occasions.


Easy maintenance

Can be machine washed over and over without losing any of its quality.


No harmful substances

Completely free of any hazardous substances or surface treatments.


Perfect gift

Beautifully packed in a nice wrapping, potentially embroidered, they are perfect gifts at a baby shower, baptism or birthday.


Easy to match

Comes in a set of two complementary colours. Combine with our napkin rings, cutlery, and tableware to create stunning gift sets. 



  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Width: 45 cm
  • Height: 45 cm
  • Machine wash at 40 degrees. Can be ironed but tumble drying is not recommended.  

Model code: 187-60285102190NA
Product code: 233063
Color: Dusty Blue / Dk Blue
100% Cotton

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