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Designed to help mums breastfeed for longer and enable babies to enjoy the benefits of breast milk even when mum is away, the Lansinoh 2in1 Electric Breast Pump can be used as a single or double breast pump. Ideal for regular expression, it offers maximum efficiency, enabling you to express more milk in half the time when used as a double pump.


The Lansinoh 2in1 breast pump is quiet, a feature which is essential to mums who express regularly or have their baby close by while pumping. Easy to assemble and clean, the pump has a hygienic design guaranteed against milk entering the tubing, which means that there is no need to clean the tubing.


The Lansinoh 2in1 breast pump is very easy to use, featuring 2 separate phases - phase 1 (Let-Down) which initiates milk flow through rapid suction, while phase 2 (Expression) maximizes milk flow through slower, deeper suction.


In Expression phase, the pump offers you a choice of 3 of the most effective pumping styles, which simulate natural breastfeeding patterns. Each of the 3 pumping styles can be further tailored for comfort by adjusting the suction level to suit individual needs and maximise milk production.


The pump's main unit features a large informative LCD screen showing the pumping options selected so that you can easily identify your preferred settings and remember them.


The ComfortFitTM breast cushions offer a soft and secure fit to facilitate a good suction and a smooth and comfortable breast pumping experience. You can plug the Lansinoh 2in1 Electric Breast Pump into the mains for those days when you are at home, or use it with batteries when you are on the go.


It includes a sealing disc enabling mums to easily store their breastmilk and a NaturalWave Teat clinically proven to help maintain established breastfeeding patterns. Part of Lansinoh's compatible pump-store-feed breastfeeding support solution.


Box Contains

1 x Pump unit

1 x AC Adapter/power cord

2 x Silicone Tubes 300 mm

1 x Silicone Tube 600 mm v 1 x Tubing Y Connector

1 x Tubing Strap

1 x Pump Connector

2 x Standard ComfortFitTM Breast Cushion

2 x Large ComfortFitTM Breast Cushion

2 x Breast Cushion Body

2 x Diaphragm

2 x Diaphragm Cap

4 x White Valve

2 x 160ml Container

2 x Container Ring

2 x Sealing Disk

2 x Bottle Holder

1 x NaturalWaveTM Teat

1 x Bottle cover

1 x Storage bag

1 x Instructions manual

Model code: 452-53060
Product code: 243933
Color: Violet

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