Miniland digimonitor 3.5' Touch

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Maximum safety, optimum features. Digimonitor 3.5" Touch is Miniland's most complete model. It transmits bidirectionally, has a 230 m range and incorporates a touch screen with a recording function and image capture, multi-screen quad view, temperature alert and voice or movement activation. Other functions are: x3 zoom, vibration feature, 5 melodies and 4 different alarms. Using Miniland's eMyBaby app you can connect with your baby on any device anywhere. It offers you endless extra features, making daily life a breeze.
Baby monitor accessible from anywhere with internet connection

The exclusive Miniland eMyBaby® application will enable the parents to see their baby from anywhere with an Internet connection. Connecting the monitor to the computer is possible to see the baby on another computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

All its functions can be configured from the touch screen

Using the touch screen, both the parents' unit as well as all of the baby functionalities can be controlled, such as the volume, the nightlight or playing tunes.

Allows parents to receive silent alerts thanks to the vibrator function

Ideal for moments when silence is required or for noisy environments. It is also very useful for people who have hearing problems.

Motion detection and voice activation with adjustable sensitivity

The sensitivity of both functions can be adjusted to the baby's habits.

Ecotech technology with a low emission level and low energy consumption

Provides 2 transmission levels according to the desired coverage. In addition, it does not emit any signal whilst it is at rest.

See up to 4 cameras at the same time

The Quad view allows simultaneous viewing of images from up to four cameras on the screen.

Temperature sensor and all the timetables are controlled

Alerts may be established when the temperature is too high or too low. In addition, it provides alerts regarding the baby's feeding time, nappy changing, giving medicine and for controlling sleeping times.

All the features on one baby monitor

The device features numerous additional functions like taking photos and recording video, date and time, zoom, 5 melodies or a pleasant nightlight to help your baby relax.


Model code: 24-89175
Product code: 185366
Color: Multicolor

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