Carriwell Seamless GelWire Special Edition S Grey

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Seamless comfort & fit + gentle GelWire™ lift & support: Soft breathable seamless microfiber fabric. Provides great shape, perfect for under T-shirts. Revolutionary new technology GelWire™ support. Simple one-handed release clasp for easy nursing. Complimentary bra extender, adding to adjustability. 3 hook and eye clasp for added comfort and support. Wider supportive shoulder straps for increased comfort. Non-hardening gel, which remains soft & supple around your breast. GelWire™ supports the natural changes in the size & shape of nursing breasts. Can expand up to 2 bra and cup sizes to allow for breast size fluctuation between nursings. Allows the entire breast to be exposed for maximum skin-to-skin contact between mom and baby whilst nursing.

Modelio kodas: 18-3150
Prekės kodas: 185363
Spalva: Grey

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