Twistshake 2x Cup 170ml 6+m Pastel Blue Green Blue

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The Twistshake cups is the perfect way to introduce your children to drinking out of an actual glass. We designed it by looking at how small children hold glasses and how they drink out of them. Our soft touch finish guarantees a good grip thanks to the soft material.



- Free from BPS, BPA and BPF - safe for your child and for yourself

- PP and TPE-plastic - manufactured from premium material

- Soft Touch - a mild and ergonomical surface for the best grip

- Suits children 6 months and up

- Dishwasher-safe - put in the upper partition.



A smoother surface on the glass, ergonomically designed to provide the best fit.

The bottom of the glass stands soundly on the table thanks to the grip-friendly material.

Modelio kodas: 227-78115
Prekės kodas: 188169
Spalva: Blue

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