Twistshake Click Mat Mini Pastel Peach

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The new Twistshake placemat and plate series are developed to make food time a more comfortable and happy experience. Easily attach your plate with just a click. The clever CLICKMAT sticks to the table or trays making the plate almost impossible to move. Fits with all Twistshake's plates and bowls.



Free from BPS, BPA and BPF - Safe for your child and for yourself

CLICK-MAT - Available in 2 sizes. Attach your favorite plate and the mat sticks to the table

Premium material - Placemat in silicone

Choose your plate - Fits with Twistshake's all models, choose your favorite!

Suitable for children 6 months and up

Dishwasher-safe - Put in the upper partition

NOTE! Twistshake Click-mat cannot be used in microwave.

31 cm wide / 17 cm high

Modelio kodas: 227-78339
Prekės kodas: 193523
Spalva: Pink

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