Done by Deer Kiddish plate Elphee Powder

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The playful Elphee pops out from the buttom of this cute Kiddish plate. Designed for the everyday meals with a bunch of practical features: suitable for the microwave, dishwasher safe and ready to survive any gravity testing by a toddler.

The recyclable Kiddish plate is made in Denmark. After countless family meals, parties and picnics, the plate can be sorted as hard plastic and recycled to produce new products, such as furniture, sneakers or fiber for making clothes.

Elphee splashes water around in this practical kids plate in a soft powder shade. The plate has a matt silky surface and matches the rest of the Kiddish collection.


  • 100% food grade PP.
  • Ø 18,5 x H 2,6 cm

Model code: 205-1726211
Product code: 263709
Color: Powder
100% food grade PP.

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