BabyOno 3 in 1 Electric Breast Pump Natural Nursing

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The NATURAL NURSING battery-powered breast pump provides high comfort and efficiency of use. A three-phase program with 10 suction levels: 1) massage stimulating a milk let-down, 2) massage stimulating a milk let-down and expression, 3) milk expression.

It is efficient since the adjusted suction strength enables fast and efficient milk expression. Its quiet operation ensures discretion so you can draw milk anywhere you want.

The breast pump is easy to operate, assemble and disassemble. It is discreet and travel friendly, powered with a rechargeable battery, enables feeding with a Natural Nursing bottle directly after drawing.The breast pump is equipped with a rechargeable battery. In order to charge it, connect the breast pump to the charger and then to the power outlet. Full charging takes about 100 minutes. After the battery is fully charged, the breast pump will operate for approx. 100 minutes. The breast pump has a timer – after 45 minutes of continuous operation, it switches off automatically. All the breast pump elements are made of special plastic intended for contact with food, free from Bisphenol A.


Technical properties

  • effectively adjusted suction strength enables fast and efficient milk expression
  • three-phase program with 10 suction levels
  • quiet operation makes it possible to draw milk discreetly anywhere
  • easy to operate, assemble and disassemble, and to clean due to the small number of elements
  • rechargeable battery + charger
  • breast pump
  • silicone massaging breast cup
  • 180 ml Babyono Natural Nursing feeding bottle
  • 0m+ anatomical silicone teat
  • charger
  • Dimensions: packaging size 27 x 22 x 10

Model code: 139-300
Product code: 224515
Color: Multicolor

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