Twistshake Spout Teat 4+m

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Twistshake Spout teat fits all of Twistshake’s baby bottles. Twistshake Spout Teat is perfect in the transition to cups from breast or bottle feeding. It´s spill-free, which is ideal for supporting baby’s active everyday lifestyle. To make sure the baby is supported correctly, the bottom of the teat is globe-shaped and soft.


- Spill-free – perfect for independent drinking

- Ideal – when you are on the move, supporting baby’s active lifestyle

- Super soft silicone – feels comfortable in baby’s mouth

- Fits all Twistshake’s baby bottles

- BPA-free – safe for both you and your baby

- 2x Silicon teat – produced from premium high quality super soft silicone

- For babies of 4 months and older.

Model code: 227-78079
Product code: 188333
Color: White

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