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Elodie Details' Baby Bibs are fast becoming a favourite with many parents. With their Oeko-Tex certified quick-dry material, perfectly smooth fit and attention to detail it's no wonder. Just rinse or wipe it clean after each use and it dries up in minutes, ready to go again. The wide fit covers both shoulders and chest, and the flexible front pocket catches all spills or crumbs, resulting in less floor scrubbing. Attaches in the neck with a large and soft Velcro. Environmentally friendly and full off functions, but most important - you're little one can look great even while making a mess in the kitchen.


•·         Size: Suitable from 3 months

•·         Dimensions: Front length: 22 cm | Width: 27 cm | Neckline: 31,5 cm

•·         Material: PU-treated Polyester, 100% free from PVC and Phthalates

•·         Extra: Machine washable at 40 degrees

•·         Certifications : Oeko-Tex 100

•·         May Be Tumble Dried: No

Modeļa kods: 187-103430
Produkta kods: 188522
Krāsa: Pink/White
100% PU-treated polyester. PU composition: toner, resin, organic solvents .

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