Miniland Baby Kit Azure

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A complete home and travel kit for basic care of your baby. It includes an eyedropper, nasal aspirator, comb, natural hog's hair brush, scissors, nail clippers and 4 nail files.

7 essential accessories for the little ones hygiene and care

This complete set consists of those vital elements for the day-to-day baby's care: a dropper, a nasal aspirator, a comb, a fantastic natural bristle brush, practical scissors, nail clippers and four files for the baby's nails. Its friendly design makes it the ideal gift kit.

Everything at a glance

The case can be totally opened, leaving all the set contents well organised and visible.

Easy to carry and store

The case has the perfect size to be carried in your bag, in the baby's bag, in a knapsack... or simply keep it comfortably at home.

Babies always looking good, neat and tidy

The baby's hair will always be perfect thanks to the comb and the natural bristle brush. The nails will always be properly cut thanks to the scissors, nail clippers and files included.

Long life

This kit will accompany the little ones for years because in addition to being made of resistant materials, it also has all the necessary accessories to take care of babies from the day of birth until they are children.

Clean and hygienic

The baby kit case is made of waterproof material, providing greater hygiene and easy cleaning, preventing the components become dirty or wet.

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