Twistshake Teether Cooler 2+m Pastel Green Green

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Twistshake's teething ring is manufactured from a soft material and comes with a patterned surface that massages the itchy gum. The special cooling device stimulates the development of teeth and easily reaches the molars.



- Free from BPS, BPA and BPF - safe for your child and for yourself

- PP-plastic - made from sturdy polypropylene plastic of the highest quality

- Extra light and easy to hold

- A cooling device that helps the baby's development

- Suitable for children 1 months and up

- Dishwasher-safe - put in the upper partition



The soft part of the ring massages the itchy gums. Filled with water for cooling purposes.

The teething ring is extra light and easy to hold.

Код модели: 227-78231
Код продукта: 188310
Цвет: Green

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