AngelCare AC110 Digital Sound Monitor

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AngelCare AC110 Digital Sound Monitor


Parents looking for simplicity should look no further than the Angelcare AC110 Baby Sound Monitor. Benefiting from decades of Angelcare technological heritage, our AC110 delivers superb audio performance, perfect for anyone needing a caring ear listening for baby. The AC110's secure digital audio transmission relays even the tiniest of sounds, meaning you hear every snuffle and giggle in real time. The Nursery Unit displays a colour-coded room temperature ring, ideal for seeing at a glance where nursery conditions need changing. Add to that two-way talk back and parents have a stylish, crystal clear audio monitor that ticks all the boxes.


Parent unit

Voice-Activated Sound Transmission

Continuous Sound Transmission

Two-way Talk Back

Temperature Control/Alarm on Parent Unit

Volume Control

Low Battery Alarm on Parent Unit



Nursery Unit

Mains Power

Nursery/Camera Unit Temperature Indicator


Other techical data


Digital or Analogue Transmission:


No. of channels:



DECT (1.8GHz)

Range (up to - open field):


Out of Range Indicator:


Voice-Activated Sound Transmission:


Continuous Sound Transmission:


Two-way Talk Back:


Temperature Control/Alarm on Parent Unit:


Volume Control:


Parent Unit Batteries (included):

2 x AAA Rechargeable Batteries

Low Battery Alarm on Parent Unit:


Parent Unit Battery Life (Sleep Mode):

10 HR.

Mains Power:


Camera Unit/Nursery Unit Batteries (not included):

2 x AAA

Nursery/Camera Unit Temperature Indicator:

Colour-Changing Ring Display

Model code: 265-AC6110
Product code: 232568
Color: White

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