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Bugaboo tray

The Bugaboo snack tray makes sure storing, serving and cleaning up snacks is a piece of cake for parents. Featuring a handy sliding cover, it is a great on-the-go essential that provides your little one with self-service access to their snacks. It also ensures minimal spills-the cup holder is safely secured in an upright position, even when the seat is reclined for a much needed after-snack nap.

Key features:

rotates to allow the child to get in or out of the pushchair

tray and sliding cover click on and off for easy storage, transport and cleaning

tray and cup holder part can be used separately

Compatible with:

•·         Bugaboo Bee 6

•·         Bugaboo Buffalo

•·         Bugaboo Cameleon (2007 model)

•·         Bugaboo Cameleon 3

•·         Bugaboo Cameleon 3 (2015+ model)

•·         Bugaboo Cameleon 3 plus

•·         Bugaboo Donkey

•·         Bugaboo Donkey 2

•·         Bugaboo Donkey 3

•·         Bugaboo Donkey 5

•·         Bugaboo Fox 2

•·         Bugaboo Fox 3

•·         Bugaboo Fox 5

•·         Bugaboo Fox Cub

•·         Bugaboo Frog

•·         Bugaboo Lynx

•·         Bugaboo Runner

Model code: 115-80500TR01
Product code: 275266
Color: Black

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