Carriwell Organic Crossover Nursing Bra

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Organic Crossover Nursing Bra - The most simple nursing bra you will ever wear

This nursing bra has been designed for mums who like an easy-to-open cross-over style bra which enables baby to nuzzle up to mom's breast very easily.

Confidence in Textiles Organic Cotton Organic Cotton


  • Convenient: With the cross over bra design there is no easier or more convenient way of nursing.
  • Night nursing: The extremely soft flexible fabric makes this bra ideal for night use. Easy to lie down comfortably and nurse baby in the prone position.
  • Soft: Softest quality lace and fabric ensures no chaffing or irritation.
  • Comfortable: No stiff underwire, irritating seams, clasps or hooks to insure that you are as comfortable as possible at all times.

Composition: 92% Cotton, 8% elastane

Model code: 18-2505
Product code: 197520
Color: Black

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