Childhome Heavenly Safe Bedside Crib Mattress 92x52x7cm

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This Basic Safe Sleeper mattress only uses high-quality materials to create a good, resilient and firm sleeping surface, which is essential for a comfortable and good night sleep. The fabric used for this Safe Sleeper has all the essential hygienic, anti-allergic and breathable characteristics a mattress should have to provide your baby with a clean, healthy and safe sleeping environment. The Heavenly Safe Sleeper comes with a removable mattress cover, which is washable at 60 degrees Celsius, giving no opportunity to unwanted guests, fungi or any other forms of infestation.


Washable polyester cover



Viscose fabric

Polyether foam

Breathable fabric



Dimensions: 92 x 52 x 7 cm


Core: 100% Polyether Foam

Tick: 100% Polyester

EN Standard: EN 16890:2017

Maintenance: Mattress/cushion/cover is machine washable

Model code: 240-M905HSS
Product code: 208504
Color: White

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