Cybex ePriam 3 Frame Chrome Brown + Seat Hardpart

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e-Priam Frame

The First e-Stroller by CYBEX

Revolutionary smart technology meets luxurious design in the e-Priam-the first e-stroller by CYBEX. Intelligent, intuitive, and exceptionally innovative, the e-Priam empowers you to glide up and down hills with ease, and smartly adapts to rough terrain like sand, gravel or cobblestones. Experience the magical sensation of a heavy load made lighter; of a rocky path made smooth; of an impossible climb made suddenly achievable.

The Cybex ePriam Frame with Seat Hardpart is the first of it's kind - an electric pushchair frame. This pushchair frame helps you get up and down hills or small inclines thanks to the electric engines.

Hill Support: Less physical strain for parents, includes smart up & downhill assist. Sensors integrated into the handlebar detects pushing and pulling pressure. Electronic functions can help with slopes up to around 25% - or 14 degree angle.


•·         Uphill Support

•·         Uneven Surface Support

•·         Braking Support

•·         Adapts to rough terrain - including sand, cobblestones and gravel

•·         Use with either a Priam seat pack, lux carrycot, car seat or lite cot (sold separately)

•·         Sensors in the handlebar detect pushing and pulling effort, a smart algorithm works continuously to calculate the optimum amount of support you need

•·         The ePriam has 2 electric engines that add powered support when needed, and quiet too - hidden behind the back wheels, the engines are attached to either end of the rear acxle.



•·         One-hand folding

•·         Flat, ergonomic lying position

•·         Reversible seat unit

•·         Height-adjustable handlebar

•·         Light aluminum frame

•·         Memory buttons Bumper bar

•·         All-wheel suspension

•·         All-terrain wheels

•·         Swivel front wheels


•·         Compatible with Priam Lux Carry Cot, Priam Seat Pack, Lite Cot and Cloud Z i-Size

Technical information:

•·         From birth up to 22 kg (approx. 4 years)

•·         Weight (folded Priam Frame and Seat Pack): 12.6 kg

•·         Dimensions - Open:

Length 840 - 945 mm

Width   600 mm

Height Handle   990 - 1080 mm

Weight 15,2 kg

•·         Dimensions - Closed

Length 950 mm

Width   600 mm

Height  365 mm

Weight 15,2 kg

•·         Battery is powered by a Lithium-ion battery, has a range of approx 8-45km (depending on load & conditions)

•·         Battery can be charged within 6 hours, the charge status show via an LED indicator in the rear axle

•·         Please note: the epriam battery will be 30% charge when delivered


What's in the box?

•·         1x Chassis + seat skeleton (2021)

•·         1x Bumper bar

•·         1x Car seat adapters

•·         1x Raincover

•·         1x Seat buckle

•·         1x ePriam battery

Model code: 36-519002623
Product code: 225593
Color: Chrome

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