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The removable insert means Baby Snug can be adapted to suit your little one as they grow. The ergonomic seat design with supporting crotch post promotes a healthy posture for baby. An ideal floor support seat for baby with extra wide base for added stability The easy clean design lets you wipe it down with ease. The Baby Snug is also lightweight and portable so you can entertain baby at home or out and about.
Removable tray can be taken on and off in a simple click.
Use the large suction pad to securely attach the play tray to the baby snug. 6 interactive features
include a beaded loop, spinning flower, twisty bendy stalk, a teether and picture book with baby
safe mirror. Textures, colours and materials aid stimulation for a fun playtime.
Large suction pad on the play tray ensures that tray is secured to surface.
3 toy arrangements change with your child's development. The toys are fixed, meaning baby
can't drop or throw them.
2 stage floor seat that adjusts as your baby grows by removing the seat insert (3 months to 12+)
Suitable from 3 months (or when baby is able to support their own head) to 12 months+ approx.


H: 25 x W: 43 x D: 43cm Approx.
1.7kg/3.7lbs Approx.


(Baby Snug/Tray) Tray/Tray Arm - PP Top Seat Moulding - PU Base Seat Moulding - PU Branding Plate - PP (Activity Tray) Tray - ABS Textured Ball - ABS Squeaker Button - ABS Suction Pad - TPE Spinner Ball - ABS Beads - HIPS Bell Toy - ABS Bell Toy Teether - TPR Flexible Stalk Spacer - TPR Leaf Toy Dock - PP Bead Loop - PP Flower Bead - ABS Character Toy - ABS Flower Toy - TPR Padded Insert - PVC
Made from durable plastics that withstand compression to ensure maximum stability performance.
Crotch post to avoid baby slipping and provides extra support.
The tray does not form part of the containment and has been purposefully designed to be removed easily.


Never leave baby unattended when in the Snug.
For the ultimate safety and wellbeing of your child the Baby Snug floor seat should only be used on even, flat, non elevated surfaces.

Removable seat insert and tray allows easy cleaning using a damp cloth.

Baby Snug is the supportive floor seat with detachable and interactive play tray.

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Krāsa: Dark Rose

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