Easygrow Minimizer support Black Anthracite

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Stroller liner with memory foam for the perfect support of your baby. From the Norwegian brand Easygrow.

  • Head pillow for extra safety
  • Soft supporting layer with memory foam
  • Good support to head, neck and back
  • Universal design
  • Lenght 79cm
  • Width 48cm
  • Universal adaption for 5- point harness


"My first stroller support." Easygrow Stroller liner SUPPORT is perfect for the little ones who start sitting. It gives optimal support to the baby and has an extra protecting head pillow. The Support liner has a thick and soft layer of memory foam that guarantees the perfect support for the baby's head, neck and back. When the baby gets older you can remove the head pillow. Fits most strollers.

Код модели: 224-101930
Код продукта: 248920
Цвет: Black Anthracite

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