BabyOno 612/02 Electronic scale for babies Grey

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Electronic scale for infants are designed to control child's weight. It is especially recommended for new borns and premature babies, when the child's weight is extremely important. Scale is specially designed for babies to 20 kg. Thinking about your needs, we created an easy-to-use product, accurate and reliable, and we have taken care of its highest quality ensuring comfort and safety during weighing



  • The scale is suitable for weighing babies in lying position
  • automatic freezing of the measurements results enables readout without haste
  • ergonomic shape - large, concave surface of weighing
  • holds the last measurement result
  • robust design
  • tare weight function
  • measuring accuracy
  • intuitive operation
  • large LCD display
  • automatic turn-off



  • gradation - 0.01 kg
  • minimum load - 0.05 kg
  • units of measurement - kg/ lb-oz



  • tray for weighing babies - 20 KG

Код модели: 139-612/02
Код продукта: 229714
Цвет: Grey

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