Childhome Basic Mattress Bedside Crib Polyeter 92x52x5cm

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This Basic Safe Sleeper mattress meets all the essential demands to provide the necessary safety for your little one. This Basic Sleeper Safe mattress uses high-quality polyether foam to create a strong and durable sleeping surface, essential for a good comfortable night's sleep. The fabric used for this has all the essential hygienic, anti-allergic and breathable properties that a mattress needs to provide your baby with a clean, healthy and safe sleeping environment.

Important advantages at a glance

•·         Anti-allergic

•·         Anti-fungal

•·         Resilient

•·         Polyether foam

•·         Polyester cover

•·         Breathable fabric

•·         Dimensions: 92 x 52 x 5 cm

•·         Material: Core: Polyether Foam

•·         EN Standard: EN 16890:2017

Код модели: 240-M905B
Код продукта: 224924
Цвет: White

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