Cybex Cup Holder Carseat Black

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  • € 30.00
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Cup Holder Car Seats

Keep your child’s drinks close and your car nice and tidy with this Cup Holder: It attaches easily to selected Cybex car seats and provides a convenient place for your childs bottle or cup.


Product Details

No need to stop the car to get your little one their drink – just attach the Cup Holder to their car seat once before heading out to enjoy a more convenient car drive every time. This little helper provides a handy place for your child’s bottle or cup and can add to your peace of mind on any car ride. See below if it is compatible, meaning if you can attach it to your child’s particular car seat model.



  • Sirona Z i-Size
  • Sirona Z2 i-Size
  • Sirona Zi i-Size
  • Pallas S-fix
  • Pallas G i-Size
  • Solution Z-Fix
  • Solution Z i-Fix
  • Sirona S i-Size
  • Sirona SX2 i-Size
  • Solution S2 i-Fix

Код модели: 36-517000752
Код продукта: 185468
Цвет: Black

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