Cybex Kidboard Black

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The Kid Board attaches to stroller to let older siblings have fun riding along. Compatible with Priam,Balios S Lux,Balios S 2-in-1,Talos S Lux and Talos S 2-in-1.

The Kid Board is roomy and solid, extremely fun for your child to ride along. With a smart design there is enough space behind the pushchair. Its easy to attach and detach the footboard with the clips on the back wheel pole, for a smooth ride.



  • One wheel on the back of the kidboard
  • Clips on easily onto the back wheel pole
  • Use up to 20kg
  • Compatible with Priam, Balios S Lux, Balios S 2-in-1, Talos S Lux and Talos S 2-in-1.

Код модели: 36-518002952
Код продукта: 204670
Цвет: Black

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