Doomoo Baby Sleep- side positioner

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The doomoo basics side positioner has been specially designed to keep babies comfortably and securely positioned on their side. It prevents babies from rolling over when asleep, while allowing freedom of movement. In order to alternate the side on which the baby lies, the side positioner has to be turned around in such a way that the larger side is always at the baby's back. Lightweight, practical and easy to carry, the side positioner can be used everywhere (in prams, beds, cradle, carry cots, etc.). 

Can be used from birth onwards.

  • Keeps baby comfortably on the side
  • Suitable for all sizes of beds
  • Ideal in case of "preferred position"


The doomoo basics positioner should not be used when baby is able to turn independently. The positioner must be used on a safe & stable surface.

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Код продукта: 30571
Цвет: White

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