Doomoo Comfy Bath (new)

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The adaptable bath cushion doomoo basics should be placed on the bottom of the bath. It will fill up with water and become a water cushion on which the baby can be placed comfortably either in a lying or sitting position.

The person giving the bath keeps hands free to wash the baby.

The bath cushion can be used from birth onwards and adapts to the baby's needs:

- Lying on his back on the cushion, which is fastened with a snap fastener, the baby will feel completely secure.

- Later, in a sitting position, the cushion will help the baby to find and keep his balance.

With the adaptable bath cushion doomoo basics, bath time becomes fun and a real pleasure for both baby and parents.

Suitable from birth onwards.

  • Adaptable product
  • Soft & mellow
  • Freedom of movement
  • Relieves the back of the adult
  • Can be used in standard bathtubs as well in baby tubs

Non-woven material, 100% polypropylene - Filling: polyester fibres.

Код модели: 37-21 001 002
Код продукта: 193093
Цвет: White

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