Doomoo Buddy Vegetal Kaki

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Doomoo Buddy nursing pillow

A super-comfy pregnancy pillow for you, then your baby too!


Comfort, health and the well-being of a mother and a soon-to-be mother were in the focus when designing the Doomoo Buddy pregnancy and nursing pillow. The shape and flexibility of Doomoo Buddy offer the support pregnancy demands, especially when it's time to sleep.

After the baby's birth, the Buddy nursing pillow offers the perfect support while breastfeeding or giving a bottle. Even more, the pregnancy pillow continues to support you and your baby - If your baby falls asleep, the Doomoo Buddy twists into a cosy, comfortable little sleep nest.


Product information:

  • A 2-in-1 pregnancy pillow designed for your comfort during pregnancy and for Your baby
  • The cotton outer cover is available in a number of different designs and machine-washable at 30 - Do tumble-dry!
  • The smallest micro balls fill the pregnancy pillow (Refills are available and sold separately)
  • Included: Pregnancy pillow inner cushion, outer cover



Technical information:

  • Outer cover: 95% cotton and 5% elastane
  • Interior cover: 92% polyester and 8% elastane
  • Filling: Expanded polystyrene micro balls (refills sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 43x65x20cm
  • Weight: 1.27kg

Код модели: 37-B06
Код продукта: 284955
Цвет: Silver Dots

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