Easygrow Mum & Me Petrola, nest

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Flexible multi pillow with many functions, including mattress

The multifunctional pillow Mum&Me is amazingly flexible and has everything from relief functions during pregnancy and nursing to training functions for sitting and lying. Designed by mothers who have had loosening of the pelvic ring. Supporting and good multi pillow that also works as relief pillow, support pillow and baby nest. Mum & Mecomes with an removable mattress for better stability and comfort when used as a babynest. The mattress can also be used in a stroller


• 100% bamboo viscose
• Eco tex 100 fabric
• Nursing pillow
• Relief pillow
• Support pillow
• Baby nest
• Removable cover
• Adjustable with knots
• Removable mattress

*  Lenght 95cm

* Width 37cm

Код модели: 224-16768
Код продукта: 187467
Цвет: Petrol

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