Elodie Details BackPack MINI - Chestnut Leather one size

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For fashionable toddlers and Pre-School kids on the go. Perfect for those first little picnics, or for carrying important teddy bears to grandma's house. But most importantly, your next adventure will be in style!


•·         Includes a seat cushion in thermo material to keep your little one warm while resting.

•·         Thermo-pocket on the side to keep bottle warm/cold and upright

•·         Padded and adjustable straps

•·         Easy-release magnetic locks that keep straps from sliding of small shoulders

•·         Zip opening from top to bottom for fastest possible access to cookies and other content

Product specifications:

•·         Unfolded Dimensions: Height 28cm, Width 21 cm

•·         Additional Information: Includes a seat cushion in thermo material. Easy-release magnetic locks.

•·         Fit: one size

•·         Print Color: Chestnut Leather

•·         Termos Holder Pocket: Yes

•·         Washing Temperature: Dab surface

•·         May Be Tumble Dried: No

•·         Volume: 7l

Код модели: 187-103878
Код продукта: 194350
Цвет: Chestnut

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