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Elodie Detail's StoreMyStuffTM brings order and style to kids' spaces! Designed to hold all the playthings you want quick and easy access to. Your toys, blankets and stuffed animals have a new place to call home and the coated cotton fabric of the StoreMyStuffTM ensures that it doesn't collapse when empty. It's diameter is 45cm (18 inches) and the height is 35cm (14 inches)

Product specifications:

•·         Certifications : Oeko-Tex 100

•·         Unfolded Dimensions: Diameter 45 cm, Height 35 cm (when folded down as image)

•·         Fit: one size

•·         Washing Temperature: Dab surface

•·         May Be Tumble Dried: No

Код модели: 187-70650130112NA
Код продукта: 226942
Цвет: Greige
100% cotton, 100%

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