Graco Slimfit lx IRON

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Graco Slimfit LX

Group 0+/1/2/3 Car Seat Black


The Graco Slimfit now has a big brother! The Graco Slimfit LX Group 0+/1/2/3 Car Seat is the next level in car safety for your precious cargo. Designed to be used from birth, all the way up until they no longer need one - this seat really does have it all!


•·         Extended rear-facing for additional safety

•·         Avoid spills with the integrated cup holders

•·         Ultimate long-lasting safety; excellent value


All about me


The first stage of the Slimfit LX is fitting in the car in a rear-facing position. It is suitable from birth and can stay in the rear-facing position until your little one reaches 18kg (which is about 4 years old) allowing you to use it as an extended rear-facing car seat, which is the safest way for your little one to travel when they are young.


The seat can be used in the forward-facing position from 9kg (around 9 months old) if you prefer until they reach 18kg with the built-in, 5 point harness that will keep your little one safe and secure as they travel.


Once they reach 15kg, they can move onto the high back booster stage of the car seat. The harness neatly tucks behind a panel in the back of the seat. You will also find a removable cup holder, to keep that all-important drink close by.


The seat is designed for longevity and also optimal safety, featuring TrueShield Safety Surround Side Impact technology - this offers enhanced head protection at every stage. Paired with the isoCatch connectors, this seat will keep your little one protected until they no longer need a car seat.


•·         Suitable from birth to 36kg (approx 12 years old)

•·         Rearward and forward-facing

•·         R44/04 compliant

•·         Belted installation

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Код продукта: 229223
Цвет: IRON

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