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Selecting the right car seat for your baby will create a safe and pleasant journey for your child. At the same time, children car seats are a significant investment, so you should take the time to think about the features you need. Then, browse through our selection of car seats for your baby until you find the right option!

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Good to know about car seats

When buying baby products then one of the most important selection is safety products, because the correct car seat will protect your child during every day activities. You will start using the car seat already when bringing your baby home from the hospital and you will continue using it until your child is 12 years old. Some statistical research shows that almost half of the parents do not attach car seats in their vehicles in the correct manner, which increases the possibility of injury to the child and other passangers in the vehicle. To avoid such situations or at least to minimize misuse then the car seats are tested regularly. In Europe the biggest organization which does safety tests is ADAC. Choosing the right car seat is essential
Firstty, what type of seat is appropriate for the age and size of your child? If your child is under 13kg and 85cm, they may use an infant carrier. Another option is a convertible car seat, which can grow with your child for a number of years. All Cybex and Joie convertible car seats are suitable from birth.
Second, consider what type of installation method will work for you. If your vehicle has ISOFIX anchor points, you may choose between an ISOFIX installation or vehicle belt installation.
Finally, how long would you like your child’s car seat to last? You may find it more convenient to use 3 different seats at different stages of growth (infant carrier, convertible, booster seat) or you may want to use just one seat all the way through. We offer seats to accommodate all of the above, just sort by groups on our car seats page to find your perfect fit. Infant carriers 0-13kg or 45-87cm - This is the first car seat you will be using with your baby. It is allowed to use only rear facing and it can be attached to the car by 3-point safety belts or with Isofix Base. Nordbaby shop always recommends using Isofix Base because it is safer, easier and quicker. Convertible car seats - In this category the selection and opportunities grow wider. For example you can buy a convertible car seat which is from birth until 12 years of age or you can buy 2 car seats which cover categories 1/2/3 or 9-36kg. The most important function a car seat has is the protection of your child during accidents. Accidents can occur at slow and high speeds, they can happen from each side of the vehicle. Nordbaby recommends to always make sure the car seat you purchase protects the childs head, neck and spine. Almost all Cybex and Joie carseats have side protection systems which help to dissolve about 25% of the side impact force that otherwise would be directed towards the child