Bellini bamboo bath gift set

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Bamboo bath gift set.

Bamboo is an extremely soft and vary resistant cotton-like fiber that remains unaltered even after washing and is up to 60% more absorbent than the usual cotton fabrics. Bamboo is organic fiber, renewable and 100% biodegradable, with it's natural antibacterial protection. It's suitable for sensitive and allergic skins.


The natural sea sponge from the Mediterranean Sea of the "honeycomb" quality is well known thanks to its softness and endurance, and it is particularly valued during a relaxing bath or shower: it is soft and delicate, a real jewel from the sea for our skin! If properly rinsed it cleans itself, thank to it's natural channels. Unlike syntetic sponges, it doesn't retain rests of foam, soap or bacteria.

  • 100% natural, extremely absorbent and soft
  • Long endurance
  • Hypoallergenic - dermatologically tested
  • Handcrafted and completely manufactured in Italy
  • 100%biodegradable


In a set: Babu towel, wash mitt, small towel (30x50cm), honeycomb sponge no.12 

Towel and mitt fabric: 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton.

Suitable from birth.

Made in Italy.

Model code: 268-SMAT12
Product code: 245744
Color: Beige
1) bath sponge: natural sea sponge 100% organic; 2) fabric: 70% bamboo fiber + 30 % organic cotton

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