BabyOno sippy cup with weighted straw Orange 240ml

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An irreplaceable cup with a silicone mouthpiece and weighted straw can be used to let your child have its favourite drink in any position and until the last drop.



Our straw cup proves perfect at home and on trips. Thanks to its compact size, you can take it with you wherever you want to, and forget about spilling risk.



The cup is suitable for learning to drink on one's own. The straw moves together with the liquid inside the bottle, thanks to which your child can drink at any angle, even in a half-lying position, or when the cup is turned upside down.



This non-spill cup is exceptionally tight. Its two-way valve in the straw secures it against spilling and leaking.



Handy and perfectly shaped handles allow your child to hold the cup with ease and give it full control while tilting and dosing.



In view of a special design of the cup, there is no dripping or leaking risk. A silicone soft mouthpiece has a built-in protection which prevents spilling.



The set includes an extra mouthpiece so that your child can enjoy using the cup much longer.


  • Intended for children aged at least 6 months (6m+)
  • Free from harmful substances (BPA, phthalanes, PVC)
  • Made of safe plastic
  • Washing in a dishwasher is allowed
  • Dimensions:  12,5cm x 13,5cm
  • Capacity: 240 ml

Model code: 139-1464/01
Product code: 263227
Color: Orange

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