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Mutsy icon

Meet the Icon: Mutsy's newest design! The Icon can be used with the carry cot, reversible stroller seat, various car seats and numerous handy accessories. Top-notch

looks and functionality come together in this refined and unique design. Providing maximum comfort, for your baby ánd for you - so you can effortlessly step into the world together! Because of its innovative folding system, this stroller can be folded as compact as a buggy, so you can easily take it with you, wherever you go!


For your child: The backrest and leg support can be set to various positions. This is very important for the health of your child as small children should not sit in the same position for extended periods. The seat canopy can be extended if you are using the reclining position or if you want to protect your child against bright sunlight. Thanks to the double-layered back section on the canopy, the seat is always well ventilated. It can face forwards or towards the parents on the frame.


For you: the carrycot is mounted quite high on the frame. As a result, you will not hurt your back when you lift the child out of the carrycot. The controls for setting the seat position are to be found at the back of the seat, high on the back, so that you can reach them more easily. Set the push-bar at the best height for you with the handy button. The frame is as light as a feather and this makes it even easier to handle.


•·         Extra compact collapsible frame: with the size of a buggy it fits in any car and is easy to carry.

•·         Fully adjustable backrest and leg support: ensures your child always sits in the ideal ergonomic position.

•·         Flat sleeping position: for a healthy nap on the go.

•·         Folds with seat: quickly ready for use.

•·         Height-adjustable push bar: (telescopic ánd in degrees): suitable for parents of all heights.

•·         Suspension in frame and front wheels: extra comfort for your little one.

•·         Super sleek, seamless design of frame, cot and seat: integrated functions.

•·         Detachable wheels: for an even more compact unit.

•·         Ventilating hood: extra ventilating layer under the hood of the travel cot.

•·         Integrated shopping basket: for extra (shopping) space.

•·         Wheels with an extra tread: a mix of foam and rubber for more comfort and grip.

•·         Collapsible carry cot: a big advantage for storing and transportation.

•·         Integrated sun canopy: extra protection against the sun's rays.


The Icon can be used with the carry cot, reversible stroller seat, various car seats and numerous handy accessories. Combine the chassis with the following inserts:


•·         Maxi-Cosi: Pebble, Pebble Plus, Cabrio- fix, Citi.

•·         Cybex: Aton, Aton 4, Aton 5, Aton Q, Aton Q i-size

Technical information:

•·         chassis 9kg

•·         Icon seat 4,2 kg

•·         Icon cot 4kg

•·         chassis 66cm X 57cm X 99cm

•·         folded chassis   57cm X 57cm X 34cm

•·         folded chassis without wheels  57cm X 47.5cm X 26cm

Model code: 8-DEF225763
Product code: 225763
Color: Jade Green

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