NORDbaby PRESTIGE čiužinys su grikiais ir kokosu 120x60x12cm

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  • Cover: 100% polyester, 100% polypropylene
  • Filling: natural coconut fibre, natural latex, natural buckwheat husks, 100% polyurethane foam, 100% polyester fleece, 100% polypropylene


Product information:

  • 3-layer removable cover
  • protects the mattress against dirt and damage.•
  • recommended to use for prevention of allergies.
  • easy to remove and replace after washing.


Coconut Fiber mat (0+)

  • Made of natural coconut fiber and natural latex.
  • Provides a firm support essential for a developing bone structure.
  • Excellent hygroscopic and ventilation properties help avoid excessmoisture and heat during sleep.


Polyurethane foam (PUR)

  • provides a stable yet elastic support for the body.
  • makes it comfortable to change positions during sleep.


Buckwheat Husks (8m+)

  • made of natural buckwheat husks.
  • contains tannin which has natural anti-dustmite and bacteriostatic properties.
  • adapts to the shape of the body and provides continuous air flow.
  • absorbs moisture and keeps a comfortable temperature at all times.
  • the husks are packed as a separate layer in nonwoven polypropylene for easy replacment if necessary.


Technical info:

  • COT SIZE (120x60x12cm)

Modelio kodas: 192-177407
Prekės kodas: 177407
Spalva: White

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