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Elodie brings the vintage bonnet back! An adorable combination of old-time baby hat design with all the comfort and functionality of modern materials. This winter cap is lined with an amazingly soft shearling fabric closest to your baby’s head, a chin strap to make sure it stays on, and surface fabric in 100% natural fibre cotton.

Perfect for playing, walking, or napping outside on colder days. The rounded shape and chin strap both contribute to keeping your little one warm, content, and comfortable.


Soft and cosy lining

Lined with a very soft shearling fabric for ultimate comfort.


Perfect shape

The rounded shape entirely covers your baby’s head and help them keep warm. Perfect for naps outside.


Covers the ears

Designed to keep cold winds out and prevent lowering of the body temperature.


Vintage look and feel

Designed to replicate the adorable look of old-time baby hats, but with all the modern comfort.


100% cotton

The surface fabric is made entirely of natural cotton fibres with a great look and feel.

Size guide: 0-3 months 38-42 cm | 3-6 months 42-46 cm | 6-12 months 46-48 cm | 1-2 years 48-50 cm



  • Material: Outer fabric: 100% Cotton | Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Care instructions: Machine wash at 40 degrees. Tumble dry or iron at low temperatures.

Modeļa kods: 187-50535102192
Produkta kods: 236422
Krāsa: Juniper Blue
Shell fabric: 100% Cotton, Lining: 100% Polyester

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