BabyOno 485 Baby nasal aspirator White

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The nasal aspirator is intended for children under three years of age who are unable to clear the nose during a cold. It has adjustable suction power. It does not require the replacement of filters. With the aspirator your child can easily breathe, sleep, eat and drink. The nasal aspirator is made of the highest quality materials, safe for baby and easy to use for parents.



• Included are 2 removable tips and a practical pouch for storage

• With its simple structure the aspirator is easy to use and clean

• The elbow tube prevents release of secretions

• High efficiency of sucking secretions from the baby's nose

• The removable aspirator tip is made of soft silicone so it does not irritate the child's nose


• Designed for children under 3 years of age

• Made of high quality materials

Код модели: 139-485
Код продукта: 229710
Цвет: White

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