Done by Deer Pull along, Raffi, Powder

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Raffi on wheels will follow you through thick and thin anywhere you go. Long necks are for long hugs and Raffi, the giraffe, is a super soft and huggable Deer friend.

Raffis magnetic feet are attached to magnets hidden inside the wagon and can easily be detached when its time for a hug. Pull along Raffi encourages little ones to practice their first steps.

  • Material:Fabric: 100% polyester. Filling: 100% polyester fibres. Wagon: 100% ABS with soft TPE wheels.
  • Care:Toy and wagon: Wipe clean with damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.
  • Size:Raffi: 30 x 43 x 18 cm. Wagon: 14 x 19 cm.

Код модели: 205-4698341
Код продукта: 211577
Цвет: Powder

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