Fehn 3-D-activity-quilt Swan Lake

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3-D activity quilt Swan Lake

The soft activity quilt Swanlake invites the baby to touch, cuddle and play with its lying surface of varied material structures. The 3-D hanging figures at the arches train the touching sense and hand-eye coordination with different features. The rattling hare, crinkly swan and the flower with mirror support the playing fun and raise baby´s awareness. Further playing features directly on the blanket promote the motor skills. With the play rug Swanlake the baby can playfully strengthen its back and neck muscles by playing, lying, crawling and sitting in different growth phases.

  • The soft play rug with 5 removable toys offers a lot of entertainment for baby´s different growth phases
  • The crawling blanket invites to feel, cuddle and play and thereby trains baby´s touching sense with the three-dimensional elements
  • The hidden squeak in the swan´s crown and the crinkly leaves support the playing fun and create baby´s curiosity
  • Trains the grasping sense: the hanging toys at the arches are perfectly made for small baby hands and train playfully baby´s motor skills from birth on
  • Size: 80 x 105 cm
  • Age: 0+ month
  • Top material: plush, velvet, fabric / Filling: 100% polyester

Код модели: 20-062144
Код продукта: 194977
Цвет: Multicolor

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