Munchkin 6 Gripp Dots

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The Munchkin 6 Grippy Dots are rubber grips which help prevent your toddler from slipping in the bath. Fun bright colours make them easy for toddlers to see at the bottom of the bath. The word 'HOT' is revealed on one of the dots when the bath water is too hot for baby (about 40C). Easy to remove and reposition in the bath.


Six rubberised textured grips help prevent toddlers from slipping in the bath

Each dot features 12 suction cups for a super strong grip

The red Grippy Dot features White Hot technology: the word hot appears in white when water is unsafe for little ones (approximately 104 Fahrenheit/40 Celsius and above)

Fun, bright colours are easily visible and engage toddlers

Easy to move and re position for flexibility

Ideal for toddlers 36 + months

Код модели: 13-01119601
Код продукта: 33609
Цвет: Multicolor

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