Twistshake Anti-Colic Stainless Steel 260ml Marble Pink

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Twistshake launches a new baby bottle made of stainless steel, inspired by the latest fashion trends. The high quality steel is sustainable, durable and safe to use. The bottle comes with our popular teat which counteracts infant colic. It is ergonomically designed and easy to grab for even the smallest of hands.

Extra wide neck - the wide neck makes both refills and clean-up an easy task

BPA-free- Safe for your baby and yourself

Hand wash is recommended

Anti-colic valve - Twistshake's unique system reduces baby colic

PP-plastic - Manufactured in premium, high quality polypropylene

Ergonomically designed - grip-friendly, for both parent and child

Teat - Made from silicon, M (2+m)

Код модели: 227-78548
Код продукта: 231446
Цвет: Marble Pink

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