Miniland Warmy Travel Thermal Bottle Bag

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Warm bottles and baby food in the car. Plug it into the lighter socket and let your baby enjoy its food at the most suitable temperature for longer thanks to its insulated interior.



Ideal for families that travel a lot

warmy travel starts working automatically when plugged into the car lighter socket so it can be used during long car journeys.

Heats up baby bottles and jars in a simple manner

The heating band surrounding the whole appliance ensures the heating up of baby bottles and jars of all sizes.

Maximum safety

warmy travel is protected from overheating by means of an integrated electronic thermostat. It disconnects automatically when it attains the maximum temperature.

Insulating and impermeable interior

Thanks to the insulating and impermeable material the inside is made from, it maintains the temperature of the baby bottle or jar for longer and avoids unpleasant spills.

Detachable and easy to clean

It is very easy to remove the heating band to clean the impermeable material the inside is made of with a damp cloth.

Two functions in the same product

Thanks to its double function as a bottle warmer and bag, parents can prepare the baby bottle in the car and take it anywhere. warmy travel is very light and easy to transport thanks to the upper handle and the Velcro straps for clipping it onto the baby's pram or bag.

Model code: 24-89231
Product code: 216679
Color: Denim

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