Nuna winter footmuff Granite

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Nuna Winter Footmuff - Granite

Chilly outside? Keep little toes cosy and bodies snug with our winter footmuff for all Nuna strollers. Enjoy cuddly strolls in the park, trips to the city, or playdates with friends. Yak wool sustainably sourced from Tibet. We want to give baby the very best. The winter footmuff makes it easy to do just that naturally and sustainably -with fine, warm Yak wool that provides the ultimate in insulation and comfort.


Luxurious in its makeup. Because of the high-altitude in which Yaks live, their coats are finer and said to be more luxurious than others.


•·         Long, hollow, tube-like fibers trap air and provide a high warmth-to-weight ratio.

•·         Yak wool provides temperature regulation. Stay cool in summer, andwarm in winter.

•·         Each year, a Yak sheds its coat one time and only produces approximately a kilogram of fiber each year. That's the same amount asa tiny rabbit!

•·         20% warmer than merino and just as strong as cashmere

•·         Fits all Nuna strollers

•·         Full zipper enclosure makes it easy to reach baby

•·         Drawstrings tighten the opening to better block out the chill

•·         Comfy blend of yak wool and TENCELTM* lyocell fiber is warm and soft

•·         TENCELTM is a trademark of Lenzing AG

Technical information:

•·         Weight 1.2 kg

•·         Dimensions 99 × 42 cm

Model code: 191-FT00000GRNGL
Product code: 227801
Color: Granite

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