Pabobo glowing companion barbapapa with base charger

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Lumilove Barbapapa


The luminous companion tu cuddle

Lumilove Barbapapa® is a luminous companion that accompanies children on all their adventures, day and night!

This Barbapapa® nightlight shines gently to reassure children at bedtime. As it does not heat up, it can be safely slipped under the sheets. Thanks to its integrated timer, the nightlight switches off by itself at the end of one hour but you can also put it in continuous light mode, for children who are afraid of the dark or need to get up.

Rechargeable, Lumilove Barbapapa® has 24 hours of autonomy, almost three weeks of soft light with a single charge!


Induction charging

Just put it on its base for charging. It lights up when you lift it.


Soft light

The Barbapapa® nightlight projects a soft reassuring glow and stays cool thanks to its LED technology.


2 modes

Auto shutdown after one hour or continuous light all night long.


LED indicator

A small LED lets you know which mode the Barbapapa® is in: blue = timer activated, off = continuous light mode. While charging the LED is red and turns green when the pilot light is charged.



All the tenderness of the Barbapapa in a luminous character.

Ideal partner to accompany children everywhere, all the time.



More than three weeks of autonomy (24 hours) for lots of luminous hugs.



It does not heat up, even under the sheets!



An LED indicator lets you know the selected mode and the charge level when it is connected.



It switches off by itself after an hour thanks to its integrated timer (continuous light possible).


Pabobo’s bright idea

2 versions: smart charger or universal micro-USB charging.


Technical info:

  • Dimensions: +/- 14 cm x 9 cm (HxW) / 180 g (120 g for the base)
  • Does not heat (cold eco-consumption LED)
  • From birth (0+) CE

Model code: 186-LUMI-BPAP
Product code: 244093
Color: Rose

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