Dooky Universalus uždangalas nuo saulės Light Grey Crowns

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With the Original Dooky you can easily create a quiet and peaceful environment for your child without being bothered by other surrounding influences.

You can use it wherever you go and for many years, first on your infant carrier, then on your stroller and even later on your pushchair! The rings used to attach your Dooky are durable and practically unbreakable, especially designed to be used over and over again.

Simply roll your Dooky up and down, using the velcro strips keeping the sunlight away from your child's face but still allowing your child to look around and explore the world. When your child is asleep, simply roll it down and with the additional strings on the bottom you can easily fasten the Dooky, ensuring it is not affected by strong winds.

The Original Dooky is machine washable and made of 100% organic cotton. With an excellent UV-protection factor of UPF50+ your Dooky will also block over 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.




•·         Protects your child against sun, rain, wind, snow and light.

•·         Universal: fits in seconds easily to any infant carrier, stroller and pushchair.

•·         Easily adjustable in height, simply roll your Dooky up and down.

•·         Excellent UV-protection factor of UPF40+.

•·         Machine washable.

•·         No more hassling with unhandy umbrellas making it difficult for you to see where you are walking.

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